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Installation instructions. High Simulation LED Tree

How to Install an LED Tree

            Installation steps:

  1. Open the package, check all the parts. Ensure that it is placed on level ground. Position the tree trunk in your desired location. Use the bolts to secure position if installing outside.
  2. The trunk comes in red numbered sections which need matching. Connect the male and female electrical connectors. Screw the protective cap over the connectors to ensure a watertight seal.
  3. Push the connected wires into the base making sure the wire is not pinched or caught and slot into place.
  4. Using the large hexagon key secure the trunk with the grup screw.
  5. Next match the corresponding numbers on the main brunches to the trunk. Connect using the male and female sockets, then screw the protective cap over the connectors to ensure a watertight seal.
  6. Fix the branches in place using the small hexagon key, ajust the flower branch to create a fuller shape.
  7. Once the branches installed, check if all screws and connectors are perfectly fixed, then connect the plug into the socket, turn on the power.

Note: Not allowed to connect the wrong woltage or operate on live line.

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